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365 Day Soul Winning Quest

About The Soul Winning Quest

In the year 2012, I went on a quest to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to a different person each day of the entire year, totaling almost 800 people. Think about all the troubles, emotions, and sickness that you encounter throughout a whole year. It was a tough quest but I completed it. In this book, I discuss my most memorable and influential encounters; including many amazing miracles, healings, and almost even a couple of fights! I talk about many topics and issues that I dealt with. I also explain the correct responses for these situations in the hope that it will help guide you in spreading the Word of God. I want this book to help encourage Christians in their daily walk with Christ, and aid them in sharing the gospel of Jesus. I would also like this book to encourage non-believers and draw them closer to Jesus Christ. If you want to minister more effectively, this book will definitely thoroughly equip you with the tools to do so. (2 Timothy 3:17). It is time that Christians left the complacency of the four walls of the church and begin to SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!

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